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Budgeting/Finance 101 Webinar (El Paso, TX)
Budgeting/Finance 101 Webinar (El Paso, TX)

Date: May 04, 2021

Location: El Paso, TX, United States

Are you budgeting?

Do you have a retirement plan?

Do you have an investment plan?

Do you have an insurance plan?

We are inviting you to our upcoming, Budgeting/Finance 101 Webinar.

Our webinar will cover foundational information, on the following:

- How money works

- How to become debt-free

- How to save more money

- How to protect your money

- How to start and maintain an investment, retirement and/or insurance plan

- How to start and maintain a college savings plan

At Legacy Builders Wealth Management, we believe that budgeting is the key to getting on track towards financial independence and we are passionate about educating hard working Americans about the importance of protecting their income, saving more and investing for their future.

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Attendees of this seminar and other seminars should always take the time to research the firm and its financial advisers as well as the products being offered before opening and account or making a purchase. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), FINRA, and State Regulators makes a variety of tools available to investors to assist them in understanding investment products and investigating a broke or other financial professional before investing.

The presenter of this information is a registered representative of GWN Securities, Iinc. and/or independent insurance agent. The presenter of this invitation as well as the information presented at the seminar is not related to, endorsed by nor connected with and not approved by an Government Agency or organization. Although the seminar is providing information of value to consumers, the seminar is a solicitation for investment products.

El Paso, TX
United States

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