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Young Heroes Camp - Fort Bliss
Young Heroes Camp - Fort Bliss

Date: Jul 26, 2021

Location: 1380 A and M Cir, El Paso, TX 79927

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Programming and opportunities for the youth of Army soldiers currently deployed, recently deployed, or soon deployed within six months.
About this Event

Youth will be provided with a variety of recreational therapy activities throughout the camp, including:

Power of Sport

Each day physical fitness will be incorporated into the program plan. Sports have begun to emerge as a remarkable medium for therapeutic outcomes. Sport has an inherent set of factors that foster regulation and healing. Sport skills are often developed rapidly. Some of these skills are necessary for healing. Relationships, kinship, and identity development are central to the sport experience and the healing process. Competition in sport gives participants the chance to test their ability to respond to stress in “situations that matter.”

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

The objective of trauma-sensitive therapy is not to access emotions. Instead, it helps clients heighten their body awareness—to notice what is happening inside their bodies—thereby learning to release tension, reduce and control fear and arousal, and tolerate sensation. When the body absorbs and anticipates trauma, individuals are likely to experience hyperarousal, hypervigilance, and an inability to calm themselves. At the same time, their bodies respond by shuttering or dampening sensation. They avoid stimuli, and their bodies become numb. Trauma-sensitive yoga helps them learn to calm their minds and regulate their physical responses and, thus, their emotions. They're able to learn to recognize and tolerate physical sensations and thereby regain a feeling of safety inside their bodies.

Mindfulness - GEM Workbook

Get Experience in Mindfulness is an Awareness and Acceptance Stress Management Program for ages 10 and up – adults too! This program places emphasis on stress management taught through practical and interactive mindfulness-based activities to facilitate experiential learning. The program is a research-based and theory-driven program that meets the National Health Education Standards.

Hammock Hangout

Hammocks are known to help people relax faster and reduce feelings of stress along with stress hormone levels by calming the senses with their swinging and rocking motion. Studies have shown that rocking or swaying gently in a hammock can also help us fall asleep faster, encouraging a deeper sleep state compared to a standard bed.

Excursion Activity

Each day camp will include local opportunities to learn to take healthy risks. Activities could include: Operation City Hunt, axe throwing, splatter rooms, equine therapy, challenge courses, etc.

Escape Room

The intended learning outcomes of a traditional escape room game are: for participants to become more competent at creative problem-solving in the workplace; understand critical thinking strategies, such as divergent thinking; learn how individuals’ values and ethics impact decision making; and learn how to guide a team through the decision-making process effectively. The Texas 4-H Classroom Escape Room is modeled after the traditional concept, with learning objectives include Texas 4-H History, environmental science, leadership, and SEL.

Journaling - Comfort Crew Journals

A guided writing journal with prompts, calendar, map, and activities. By keeping a regular written record (Journaling or keeping a Pocket Notebook) of thoughts, feelings, happenings and dreams a writer reaps many benefits. The journal is a non-judgmental friend, a therapist, and will be a historical reference to significant events in the writer’s life. Scientific research has identified many physical, psychological and emotional benefits from journaling. Mental health therapists recommend journaling as a means of dealing with traumatic experiences. Journal-writing has been practiced for hundreds of years and by scores of famous people whose journals are accessible for research.

COVID Contingency Plan

Texas 4-H Youth Outreach program will continue to monitor the COVID situation throughout the planning process closely and as the camp dates approach. We will adhere to guidelines put forth by or governing bodies, including Texas A&M University and local, state, and national governments.

The Texas 4-H Center has provided the following safety guidelines that will be followed when implementing summer camps:

● Frequent communication with campers and staff

● Limiting capacity to 50%, allowing for physical distancing in group settings. This will require multiple 3- day camp experiences be scheduled.

● Increased sanitation and cleaning measures to ensure the safety of campers and staff.

● Hand sanitizer available at a multitude of places in camp facilities.

● Updated and reviewed our Communicable disease plan for the host site/location

● Host camp outside the duration of the camp.

● Drive through registration and prescreening system.

● Meals will be grab and go style with off-site vendors preparing and plating meals for all campers, disposable utensils will be used as well as paper plates, cups etc.

● We will increase supplies to limit shared equipment during activities and will disinfect any shared equipment between uses.

Date And Time
Mon, Jul 26, 2021, 8:00 AM –
Wed, Jul 28, 2021, 3:00 PM MDT

Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center
1380 A and M Cir
El Paso, TX 79927
United States


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